Romance by the Book

251xiuww7tJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_What people are saying about Romance by the Book:

Brenda – The Romance Studio – 5 hearts – The main characters managed to capture this reader’s attention and kept me spellbound throughout the book.  I enjoyed the way Ms. Gallagher unfolded the story. There were several instances toward the end of the book which surprised me. I was so astonished to find out what Finn’s real story was. I definitely did not see that coming! I absolutely enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to others. I can guarantee that it is not a run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter type book. Read it for yourself and see what I mean.

Available now from The Wild Rose Press

After a disastrous marriage, real estate agent Maureen O’Connell is content reading about love, passion, and her ideal man in a romance novel. How will Finn Ryan convince her he’s better than any character in a book?


His eyes were soft and gentle, yet oddly piercing as they held mine captive. I had to remind myself to breathe. He reached out and cupped my jaw and his long fingers spread through my hair. “I’ve wanted to do this all night,” he said in one breath.

In the next, his mouth was on mine, hot and hungry. His tongue plundered, thrusting deep inside my mouth, demanding a response, which I was happy to give.

Finn moaned deep in his chest and held me tighter, pulling me flush against his muscled chest. Between the erotic things he was doing to my mouth and the sensation of my distended, overly sensitive nipples rubbing against his chest, my body was on fire. When Finn started sucking on my mouth as though it were a ripe peach, I actually quivered.

Our mouths locked together, Finn placed one hand on the small of my back and the other on the back of my neck. Slowly, we slid down the couch until I was resting against its arm with him sprawled on top of me. His weight felt wonderful and I wrapped my arms around his back to pull him closer.

Finn abandoned his avid exploration of my mouth and concentrated instead on my neck. First he nipped the sensitive flesh with his teeth, then laved it with his tongue, and finally applied a soft suction that sent a warm sensation straight to the throbbing area between my thighs. His hot mouth traced a damp trail to my ear, where it continued to feed my heightened senses with more pleasure than I’d ever known.


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